About us

AOR (ArtistsOwnRegistry)was the result of five years dreaming and was finally born online 2.3.2000.

AOR consisted of a threeway partnership to which we invited a fourth partner 8.11.00 which ended in the pulling apart of AOR 1.7.01.

However the dream that brought AOR into existence is still alive and has been reborn 1.9.01 by the original two partners,peter and Betty.

The new AOR like the old one will pursue excellence in the visual arts,the breaking of barriers and a broadening of awareness.Sharing our love of the visual arts like our friends from www.eternityrose.com.au a unique source visual gift arts for women. As before translating online to offline will be one of our aims.

We appreciate and value your continuing support.

Below is an outline of the various new sections

AOR Global

Will exhibit some of the world’s leading artists.

We will also be featuring “10 Women – 10 Countries”

AOR Digital

“A Digital Feast” Jan Ternald from Sweden.

Watch this space …………………
For interesting developements.

AOR Portfolios

Portfolios will be available by submission and selection.
We will also be featuring top museums and exhibitions so stay tuned.

Noosa Gallery

Will be affiliated with AOR and crosslinked.
This will give AOR and Noosa Gallery greater diversity and depth.It will also allow both to specialize more but share. Noosa Gallery’s portfolios will be available to all artists.


These we hope will encourage a sense of community through lively debate,questions and answers or anything at all you feel like communicating. There will be no censorship. Remember too this is valuable feedback for everyone.
Here are some videos of our favourite museums of arts in the world:

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